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Pinterest: A $7.7 Billion Company

Pinterest: A $7.7 Billion Company image
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Facebook values Instagram at $1 billion and LinkedIn (LNKD) has a market cap of $10 billion.

Twitter claims it is worth $8 billion. So where does that leave the new kid on the block Pinterest? Well, it looks like you can pin $7.7 billion on your Pinterest board.

Pinterest is important because the traffic is growing and statistics are impressive. It is known for its magazine quality images. Pinterest is to artful images what Twitter is to artful words. What’s more, Pinterest appeals to college-educated females between the ages of 25 to 44. A sweet demographic known for its spending decisions and habits.

The average Pinterest user is on 89 minutes a month while an average Twitter user is on 21 minutes a month. Pinterest can impact a user’s website traffic and increase sales – particularly if you are selling things that define a lifestyle or are aspirational. Whole Foods Markets (WFM) has been very successful with its Pinterest board. Pictures of the stores, recipes, stunning pictures of food and comments from people. It’s more visually appealing than Facebook.
Worth of Web, a website value calculator places Pinterest’s value at $267 million. It says the company has 10.8 million daily visits and 324 million monthly visits. It claims daily revenue is $74,520 with annual earnings of $26 million.

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